I’m excited to share with you the information that has helped enrich my life in so many ways. It is through my own personal awareness, action and dedication to health and wellness for more than three decades that I present to you an honest and sincere account of the material that has helped me carve out a world of inspired living. Now it’s your turn. As a team we will work together to create lasting change and help carve out your own life of personal greatness.  Live a High Integrity Life,

Weekly Tip

I always try to keep a handle on my sodium content because it helps me look leaner between the skin and the muscle. Chowing too much sodium on a daily basis can cause edema (water retention) and make you look puffy, especially if you're also supplementing with creatine monohydrate. Be sure to read labels and opt for low-sodium foods whenever possible. High-sodium culprits include canned and bottled foods, processed foods, and frozen foods, so be sure to read those labels and don't forget to pay attention to serving sizes.

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"You know what a champion is? A champion is someone who's ready when the bell rings - not just before, not just after - but when it rings."

Jack Dempsey

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