The 14 Day Get Lean Diet

My NEW eBook is available NOW: The 14 Day Get Lean Diet

Here’s my new eBook that follows exactly what I do to prepare for a photo shoot over a 14 day period. In the book I give you my food journal for each day beginning the moment I wake up and following throughout the day with times and the foods for each meal and snack. You can see the picture below-right, which I used this 14 day plan to get ready for. I have no doubt that you can get amazing results in only 14 days is you stick to the plan!

You’ll see how I carb shift, which is something that I talk about in my book Muscle Chow and to make it easy I’ve also included a shopping list. Throughout the 2-week plan I also offer recipes to help make preparation simple, quick and easy. You will find these recipes at the back of the book in the recipe guide, plus quick tips, supplements that I use throughout and more!

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I hope everyone takes advantage of this “inside look” into achieving great results in as little as 14 days!

All the best in health and getting lean,
Gregg Avedon

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9 Responses to “The 14 Day Get Lean Diet”

  1. Zach Says:

    Gregg, I’ve looked at your push/pull and workout tips, and I was wondering where to put tri-sets and strip sets into a workout. For instance, would a triset or strip set be instead of one exercise, like preacher curls, or as the entire workout for that muscle group? Also, I do not have barbells for all exercises, E-Z bars, or cables. Can you recommend alternate exercises for cable pushdowns, E-Z bar extension, T-bar rows, and leg press?

  2. Gregg Avedon Says:

    You can add the strip sets, drop sets, etc. into one of the exercises and not the entire workout. Alternate exercises for cable pushdowns could be using bands, attaching them high and do pushdowns with those. If you can’t attach them high, then just attach the band to a door, lay on the floor on a mat and do your pushdowns in a supine position on the floor with the band attached at the door above your head. You can also do bent over donkey kickbacks with dumbbells or bands. That’s a burner!
    Rows you can also use dumbbells or bands. Do 1-arm bent dumbbell rows and if you’re using bands just put both handles into one hand and pull with the band attached at a door. For leg press, it’s hard to mimic that movement, but you can do explosive squat jumps. Get low and explode up as high as you can for multiple reps.
    As for your other question about total calories, recover weeks and circuits…it looks like you’re implementing everything in a systematic and controlled way that will challenge your body. You’ve got a very smart approach that will certainly help you build both strength and size.

  3. Zach Says:

    Also, I am trying to plan a 12 week workout out schedule using your push/pull plan, using weeks 4, 8, and 12 as recovery weeks by doing your powerstacks, a different muscle group daily. I also intend to do plyometric cardio circuits on rest days from lifting, along with abdominal work. I intend to eat around 2400-2500 calories a day, going about 40-40-20 with protein, carbs, and fats. Do you approve of this in terms of building size and strength? Thanks!

  4. Alexinawe Says:

    Gregg! Just cooked from your Muscle Chow book last night for my girl friend and father, any chance you’re writing a follow up? Always a supporter!

  5. Gregg Avedon Says:

    I am getting ready to release my updated and expanded version of The 14 Day Get Lean Diet book that I did. This is the current book that I’ve been working on, although we are using Muscle Chow as part of my new home workout system called The AGE of AVEDON. This might initiate myself and Men’s Health doing another book…whether it’s Muscle Chow II or The AGE of AVEDON book I’m not sure yet. Thanks for the good question!

  6. Dinuka Perera Says:

    Gregg, just finished reading this one, great book as always with fine details.
    I do have one quick question on the below.

    Can you be specific on how you take the below post-workout supplements ?
    With water or any other beverage ? Not mixed with post-workout protein shake ?

    Plan to follow the same exactly, so appreciate your advice.
    Always a big fan. Thanks.

  7. Gregg Avedon Says:

    5 Grams of L-Glutamine is something that you can easily mix into your protein shake post-workout. This is up to you, but you can also just mix it into about 6-ounces of water and down it that way. It has no taste.
    The creatine monohydrate is best taken with a simple carb. If you’re taking plain creatine monohydrate instead of a pre-mixed creatine formula (like Gaspari’s SizeOn Maximum Performance) you can easily mix the powder into a small container of natural apple sauce. This is what I do. But if you decide to get a pre-mixed creatine formula like the SizeOn that I recommend, all you have to do is add water, shake it up and drink that post-workout. What’s good about that is the Maximum Performance SizeOn has creatine, carbs and protein all added so it’s a no brainer!
    Here’s what I would do if it was me:
    Just as I’m finishing my workout, I’d mix my Maximum Performance SizeOn in water and drink it, then about 10-15 minutes later I would mix my L-Glutamine in 6-ounces of water and drink that down. Then I would drink 16-ounces of plain water over the next 20-30 minutes.

  8. Dinuka Says:


    In the book you mentioned you like Size On by Gaspari Nutrition.
    which one is it ? SizeOn Maximum Performance or SizeOn-pre contest ? given that you are preparing for a shoot after this 14 day diet ?

    Appreciate your take on this.

  9. Gregg Avedon Says:

    The Maximum Performance!

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