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Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

This is short and easy!

Here is your opportunity to achieve YOUR BEST HEALTH EVER in ONLY 3 DAYS…starting right now! It’s my “three-day healthy lifestyle plan.” Anyone can do it, but you’ve got to want to do it. Don’t wait, because one day you might be kicking yourself for not taking this opportunity to create a better, healthier, happier you. These are small changes that will change your world – I guarantee it!


Eliminate 1 bad food from your diet. Pick something obvious that you might eat three or more times a week, like ice cream, candy, sugar, soda, fast-food, sub sandwiches, pizza or mocha frappe lattes for example. If you absolutely cannot eliminate it, cut it down to only 1 day per week.
Add 2 good foods to your diet. Apples and broccoli are two powerhouse foods worth considering because they have lots of fiber, nutrients, and cancer fighting properties.


Protect yourself from toxins and support your body with a good multivitamin mineral. Don’t get a drugstore brand. Go to Whole Foods or Vitamin Shoppe and ask someone to help you pick one that fits your lifestyle and needs.
Eliminate toxic waste and balance your body’s alkaline/acidity levels by drinking at least 8 glasses of purified water daily. Water helps flush the system and enables your body to function at an optimal level.
If you want to go the extra step, add a fish oil supplement to your diet and you’ll see a significant difference in memory, as well as improving the youthful look of your skin and hair. Plus it’s good for heart health!


Eliminate 1 negative thought about yourself and about someone else. This is way easier said than done! Judgment of self and others will hold you back from reaching your fullest potential and creativity. This is a fact!
Balance yourself for five minutes every day by closing your eyes and breathing deeply.  You’ll be amazed by how clear and energized you will feel.
Say at least 1 positive affirmation about yourself every day. This one works wonders: “I love myself, I have faith in myself, I trust myself, every part of myself.” It’s easy to remember and is something that you can repeat throughout the day.

It’s that easy! Just start one day at a time for the next 3 days and you will feel a massive difference in as little as 1 week. Imagine how you’ll feel after 2 weeks, and then 3.

Here’s to Health & Happiness