I’m excited to share with you the information that has helped enrich my life in so many ways. It is through my own personal awareness, action and dedication to health and wellness for more than three decades that I present to you an honest and sincere account of the material that has helped me carve out a world of inspired living. Now it’s your turn. As a team we will work together to create lasting change and help carve out your own life of personal greatness.  Live a High Integrity Life,

Weekly Tip

Core training will help strengthen your back and abdominals to create what’s called “pillar strength.” Having a strong core helps prevent injuries in the gym and in waking life, especially for your back. That’s why I always implement a few core training movements into each and every workout routine that I perform and/or write for a client. Stability ball training is very effective because it brings in the balance aspect to help engage all the stabilizing core muscles. Other types of core balance equipment include using a dyna disc, wobble boards, and BOSU half-ball. If you don’t have any equipment…no worries, just do plyometrics and other basic exercises like push-ups, power step-ups, depth jumps, leg lifts, abdominal crunches, hanging leg raises, planks, floor bridges, hyper extensions, and squat thrusts to name a few.

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"All impulses of thought tend to clothe themselves in their physical equivalent."

Napoleon Hill

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