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Intermediate/Advanced Workout Bundle
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Intermediate/Advanced Workout Bundle

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This is the ultimate workout bundle that includes all of the three advanced workouts to blast your entire body in 3 workouts: chest/shoulders, back/arms and legs along with abs and core. All of these workouts come with instructional videos to help maximize your results. Gregg Avedon shows you his effective techniques that GET RESULTS so if you’re ready to make a change look no further!


Workout Downloads Include:
Back/Arms PDF Version (97.3 KB)
Chest/Shoulders PDF Version (97.7 KB)
Legs PDF Version (117 KB)

Back/Arms Instructional Video (109 MB / 17Min 20 Sec)
Chest/Shoulders Instructional Video (136 MB / 20Min 15 Sec)

Legs Instructional Video (114 MB / 17Min 15 Sec)

Customer Reviews:

kalaniocc  (Saturday, 15 January 2011)
Rating: 5
if only this was around a couple years ago during my university of florida days. this bundle encompasses workouts for the entire body with videos for
demonstration. you can't make it much easier than that- all the guidance and instruction is right there in front of you, all you have to do is
dedicate yourself to it.rnrni've gotten incredible results from gregg's example starting back to his old website. this just makes it that much easier
to follow his lead. highly recommended.

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Price: $74.91
You Save: $14.94